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Our Testimonials

Seatrails: Our Testimonials
June 17th 2017


Dear Auriel
Thank you for the receipt and a huge thank you again for two splendid visits - Rosses Point and Streedagh. You were hugely appreciated by one and all and having you to lead the group twice really enhanced everyone’s enjoyment. We all loved our walks at Rosses Point and on Streedagh strand. 

Niamh Whitfield, Retired Lecturer, UCC, Cork University

Seatrails was nominated and shortlisted for a prestigious award by the Luxury Travel Guide European Awards 2017

Seatrails is listed in the following International Travel Guides- Rough Guide to Ireland, Fodors Travel Guide to Ireland

Seatrails is listed as *star choice in Insiders Guide to Ireland. 

Our Coney Island trail is listed as no 2. of the top 10 things to do along the Wild Atlantic Way by National Geographic. Click here

 We are listed under walks as ’Top Pic’ on the Lonely Planet website. Click here




Seatrails: Seatrails: Our Testimonials
We are very proud of our testimonials on Trip Advisor. Please see here for those
Seatrails: Seatrails: Seatrails: Our Testimonials
We feature and tell you about our heritage and horseback ride here after 18 mins. This programme was made for Irish TV on what Sligo has to offer as a place to visit Click here

Some more testimonials

Seatrails: Seatrails: Seatrails: Seatrails: Our Testimonials

Carrowkeel Tombs Trail

Hi Auriel,

Attached is a fun picture of our gang with you included! On behalf of our group, I wanted to thank you so very much for a wonderful excursion. Your passion and love of the area brought a deeper sense of meaning to the tour and it was highly complimented among our group. We all returned home and shotgunned out pictures to friends around the world via Facebook and in turn, they are clamouring and excited to come visit Ireland and Sligo!!What was really strange though was how youthful everyone looked in their pictures taken in and around the tombs. I joked that we were actually in the Fairies’ Land of Youth (Tir na nOg) as Carrowkeel is quite a spiritual and mystical place. All the very best in your tour endeavours!! If I can just find persons as passionate and knowledgeable as you every time, then the memories will last forever among clients.Have a great summer!!Sincerely,Pauline Klein 

’We took a tour with Auriel up to the Carrowkeel passage tombs. The vistas from the Bricklieve mountains were absolutely breathtaking, with views of Ben Bulben and Maeve’s cairn.We learned so much about the history, geography and mythology of the area. Auriel was a wealth of information, as well as being gracious and accommodating. She brought a lovely picnic of tea, sandwiches and cake, which we enjoyed overlooking the spectacular view’.
Becky Laughlin, United States

’The passion Auriel Robinson has for her specialty in maritime archaeology is evident as she guides you through a fascinating and educational tour of the shore in Sligo. She is thoroughly prepared, spares no detail and answers questions clearly and concisely. Every highlight was comprehensively explained from background on the fossils and geology of the surrounding area to the history around the invasion of the Spanish Armada. Her tour was the best of several we took in the NortWest of Ireland, and we’d return again’.
Client from Boston, United States

Spanish Armada Trail

Our small group had an interpretive wonderful walk with Auriel on Streedagh Pt. in early June. Her energy, knowledge of maritime archaeology, geological history of Ireland, Spanish Armada history, anthropology was fascinating and kept us asking questions. We were amazed by how much she was teaching us and how fast she could talk. Her gracious manner and sharing of her professional knowledge made the morning all the more enjoyable. We felt like we were there during the Spanish Armada strife. Looking at the fossilized trilobites and crinoid stems became much more interesting listening to Auriel. I would recommend this splendid tour to anyone who likes the outdoors and wants to learn a plentitude in one morning! Wonderful diversity in one tour’!
Ginger McFheeters, United States, June 2014

Spanish Armada Trail
We were lucky enough to spend a morning with Auriel. We had a wonderful walk on a beach covered with fossils. We learned about local history, geology and much more. Auriel is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work and that was contagious...left me wanting to know more. We even got a refresher course on the Spanish Armada, which seemed to be much more interesting when Auriel told the story than when I learned it years ago in school. Our entire group thought our walk was a lot of fun and would recommend it to anyone headed to the Sligo area. Auriel even treated us to muffins and tea at the end of our journey-the perfect ending to a perfect morning’!
Girl from Georgia, United States, June 2014

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