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About Auriel Robinson

Seatrails: About Auriel Robinson
Auriel Robinson is a Wild Atlantic Way Ambassador and Champion for Sligo. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Archaeology & Geography and a Masters Degree in Maritime Archaeology and fifteen years of experience working as an Archaeologist in private and public sector Archaeology. She grew up on a farm, loves animals and is a great horsewoman. 
In 2013, Auriel decided to go her own way and set up her own business, Seatrails, based in Co. Sligo along the Wild Atlantic Way where she could show visitors how wonderful it was!
Auriel is passionate, professional and expert in her delivery as a guide.  She loves her work and loves meeting people from all over the world. She is environmentally aware and encourages people to learn about the importance and vulnerability of various environments on her trails across County Sligo.  Sligo’s ancient and historic heritage sites are mind blowing. 

Auriel has achieved considerably since Seatrails was established. Seatrails was awarded ’Ocean Hero Business of the Year in 2015 by Clean Coasts Ireland. Auriels trails are listed in numerous international travel guide books and websites. Seatrails was nominated and shortlisted for the 2017 Luxury Travel Guide European Awards and Seatrails and is currently rated highly on Trip Advisor with excellent testimonials. Auriel has a long standing reputation of excellence. 

She is also a listed ’Heritage Expert’ under the ’Heritage in Schools Programme’, run by the Heritage Council of Ireland. She welcomes you to her trails and customised tours in Co. Sligo with her arms wide open and hopes to meet you very soon in 2019!

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