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Wednesday 26th September 2018
Join us on a very special day where you will explore the ancient tombs and landscape of Carrowkeel in Co. Sligo, following a hike to the caves of Keash. Marvel on an incredible peaceful burren landscape and visit fascinating megalithic tombs that predate the Egyptian pyramids.You will learn about ancient tribal groups who farmed this region and buried their dead in a very special way. You'll see cute mountain sheep grazing on mountain scrub, berries and wild herbs. You will also get to explore the ancient caves of Keash which are c 20 minute drive from Carrowkeel. The caves were inhabited and used throughout prehistory. Please see here for more info on the caves.

Price: 40.00pp
Time to meet: 2pm at Castlebaldwin petrol station on the N4 (south of Sligo Town). We will drive from there to start point which is only 10 mins away.
Terrain: Uneven, trackway and some stepped bog. Must have hiking boots and good outdoor gear.
Height: Up to Max 321 m
Duration: c. 4 hrs (2 hrs at Carrowkeel and c 1.5 hrs at Keash)
All bookings must be confirmed by payment in advance. Email us:




Sunday 30th September 2018
Join us on the last weekend of September for a good hike up mighty Benbulben which towers over the Sligo coastline. This hike is for those who have always wanted to climb up and get those awesome coastal views. You can see the whole Sligo/Leitrim/Donegal coastline from the top. This mountain is former ancient seabed! We visoit a cave at the top too! There are lots of mountain sheep to say hi to as well! The hike takes about 4 hours and includes a picnic stop. It is for people who are fit/used to trekking. The height of the mountain is 526 metres.

Start time: 10.30am at drumcliffe Church and Graveyard and we will go from there..your own transport is required. No Dogs.

Please book asap by emailing and we will send you an invoice for payment.

Price is 30.00 per person (we need a minimum of 4 persons to do this tour)

Children allowed but at 15.00 pp and not under 8 years.


Payment required in advance as confirmation.



Monday 1st October 2018
Are you interested in learning about mushrooms, funghi and foraging in woodland at this time or year? Join Auriel and expert Tina Pommer on this fascinating walk on the morning of the 1st of October.

Tina Pommer lives in Co. Leitrim and is very passionate about the landscape she lives in with a background in herbal remedies, archaeology and foraging. She provides a wonderful entertaining mix of knowledge on her guided walks. She lectures in the Organic Centre in Rossinver on wild mushroom foraging. The walk will take c 2 hours and will be at Union Wood, Co.Sligo. It is advised that there is no consumption during or after the walk. Please book by emailing Auriel on or call 087 2405071. Bookings must be made in advance! No dogs please.

Price: 10.00 Adult, 5.00 child (not under 6 years)

Start time: 11am, end time c 1pm

We will send you an invoice for payment online. Thanks. 




Saturday 6th October 2018
Join us this October morning on a pleasant coastal walk to a ruined church site that is more than a 1000 years old. Killaspugbrone (Cill Easpuig Bron/Church of bishop Bron) is situated on a small headland to the north west of the Strandhill/Coolera peninsula overlooking the Atlantic, Sligo Bay and Sligo Harbour. There are fabulous views from the church site to sand islands and clear blue waters. We start in the village of Strandhill and follow a marked trail to the church site and deserted beach. 
Price: 20.00 adult, 5.00- child
Duration: 1.5-2 hrs
Terrain: Some uneven ground, shore, no height.
Start Time: 11am



Wednesday 31st October 2018
During the Celtic period and thousands of years ago, Irish pagans marked this time of year by way of festival and lighting fires at places that were special to them. They were approaching a darker time of year when they depended on sun to grow their crops and keep them warm. It is the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter. 

This is where spirits are believed to move freely between worlds (the liminal) or where time stands still.

On this eve, you will be guided through a mystical landscape under lantern, by a professional archaeologist to the fascinating megalithic tombs that were built by these ancient people. She will explain how these poeple lived, what was found there during excavations and how the tombs were built.

Please bring a lantern and a warm jacket, hat and hiking boots. Expect to be out for c. 2 hrs. Complimentary hot chocolate and tea will be served afterwards with chocolate!

Meet at Castlebaldwin petrol station at 5.40pm on N4 (south county Sligo). We drive from there.

Price: 15.00 Adult, 5.00 for children  (not under 8 yrs please)

Please pay in advance. Email Thank you.


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