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Sunday 7th February 2016
We are back for 2016! Why not join us on a heritage trail through huge dunes and across sandy beaches to an ancient shell midden site which is located beneath a mountain that is topped with a huge megalithic tomb! We will visit the midden by the seashore where you will find out all about the people who lived here thousands of years ago and how they survived on eating shellfish and hunting alone. Afterwards you can enjoy fresh Atlantic mussels cooked in a unique style by an expert chef of award winning Tra Ban Restaurant in Strandhill, Co. Sligo.
All for just €25.95 (low season) per person. Booking in advance is essential.  Minimum number= 2 persons. Time to meet in Strandhill: 1.30pm. Time to eat in Strandhill: 3.30pm
Early notice required please. Call 087 2405071 or email
Welcome! If you are looking for things to do in Sligo, Seatrails is now open again for 2015!
You can enquire about your own date for a trail/s through each trail page on the booking form. We only advertise a few here to get you started!

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